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Don’t Let Farsightedness Hinder Your Life

Farsightedness is a condition that affects millions of individuals in America. Your vision may suffer greatly from this debilitating condition known as hyperopia. Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can help you restore your vision correctly. 

What is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness can be defined as an individual being able to see objects further away more clearly than objects that are closer to you. This condition is oftentimes caused by hereditary genes. However, eye injuries can also create farsightedness symptoms. However, many people have a tendency to confuse hyperopia with another similar condition. 

What’s The Difference Between Farsightedness and Presbyopia?

Farsightedness and presbyopia have similar conditions but are different by their initial onset. Presbyopia is oftentimes onset by older age. If you are over the age of 40 and begin to notice that you are showing farsighted symptoms, then you have presbyopia instead of farsightedness. Traditional farsightedness symptoms occur whenever someone is young due to the fact that their eyes are deformed due to a hereditary gene.

How Do Eye Doctors Diagnose Farsightedness?

A thorough eye exam can help eye doctors determine whether or not you are suffering from farsightedness.

  • Vision test. Your eye doctor will have you perform a vision test at different distances to determine whether or not you have the disease.
  • Eye measurements. A special eye exam will be performed to take measurements of the eyeball. This will help them figure out if the eye is deformed and whether or not you have farsightedness.  

Treatment Options

Here are some various treatment options that you can have to correct your vision.

  • Eyeglasses. One of the most common types of treatment is eyeglasses. You can have a special order fit just for you depending on how bad your vision is.
  • Contact lenses. A convenient solution for many would be contact lenses. Your eye doctor will be able to prescribe specialty contact lenses after you have taken a thorough eye exam.
  • LASIK. This non-invasive surgery is performed by ophthalmologists and will help reshape your eye to allow light to enter correctly. 

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