Spectrum Eye Physicians Announces NEW LASIK pricing!

How do I choose my LASIK surgeon and how do know if I am a candidate?

LASIK prices can vary significantly, depending on many factors including the type of procedure you choose, (traditional V. wavefront) the instruments used (conventional LASIK, using a microkeratome to create the corneal flap, vs. all-laser LASIK) and the experience and location of your LASIK eye surgeon. 

Price can be an important factor for patients, and prices vary widely for LASIK. A high price doesn’t promise a better result, but it’s best to be wary of high-volume facilities that advertise prices that sound too good to be true. Avoid offers such as “LASIK as low as $299.” Often, these prices do not include the cost of pre-operative exams, post-op medications, follow-up visits and other considerations that are included in the LASIK prices of “full-service” refractive surgery practices. Additionally the low priced discount centers employ marketing techniques of advertising low prices but then change the whole scenario once you are in the office. Do your LASIK price shopping carefully as not everything is black and white. At Spectrum Eye Physicians you can expect a straight forward and all-inclusive approach with attention to your care not the LASIK cost.

LASIK Financing

We offer patient financing for LASIK candidates that can make the entire experience much more affordable and something that can now get done sooner than later. We offer 0%-interest and low-interest extended payment options through our financing partners. We can help you submit your credit request and have an answer in minutes.

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