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Here at Spectrum Eye Physicians, we don’t just provide advanced medical treatment for eye diseases — we also perform the routine (but critical) eye exams necessary for uncovering such problems as early as possible. During a comprehensive eye exam, your Bay Area ophthalmologists can administer the following tests.

Doctor giving a patient an eye exam

Visual Acuity Tests

Visual acuity tests still make use of the traditional Snellen eye chart, which displays lines of text in different sizes (representing different distances). Difficulty reading at a specific distance can help us determine the degree of your refractive error.

Color Blindness Tests

By placing different colors and hues in front of your eyes, we can discover whether you have any kind of color blindness.

Cover Test

The cover test involves covering first one eye and then other so we can observe each eye’s individual reactions. If the uncovered eye displays abnormal motion when trying to focus on an object, you may an eye alignment problem.


Retinoscopy is a basic technique for diagnosing refractive errors. Your eye doctor in the Bay Area uses a bright light to note how the back of the eye is reflecting the light back.

Manual Refraction

Manual refraction uses a machine called phoropter to measure how much vision correction your eyes need, enabling us to prescribe corrective lenses.

Auto Refraction

Auto refraction is a high-tech alternative to manual refraction. As you look into a viewfinder, a digital instrument measures your eye’s refraction.

Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting requires a separate evaluation to determine which type of contact lenses suit your needs. It also includes precise measurements of your pupils, irises, and corneal contours.

Slit Lamp Exam

The slit lamp exam employs a special illuminated microscope allows us to observe the cornea, sclera, lens, pupil and iris in detail.

Pressure Testing

A form of testing known as tonometry can measure the internal pressure of the eye. This is important because high pressure levels are a red flag for possible glaucoma.


Dilation of the pupils allows us to view most of the retina, as well as the macula and optic nerve.

Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing checks your peripheral vision. This outlying vision is often the first to go in glaucoma cases.


OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) gives us cross-sectional images of your retinal tissues, helping us spot the earliest signs of retinal disease.

Retinal Photo

A full-color retinal photo captures a detailed image of the inside of the eye. This lets us show you any specific problems while maintaining a permanent file for future reference.

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