A very professional and helpful team , couldn’t have asked for more in terms of expertise, guidance, personal touch, and availability of best quality products under the same roof.
— Arindam M.

Everyone is so friendly and concerns were addressed. The optical department was very helpful in guiding my selection of new frames. Financial arrangements were within my means. Dr. Fishman’s quiet manner always puts you at ease that he is really concerned about you as his patient. He listens to you and never seems to be in a hurry.
— Marjori E.

Both the technician and Dr were so nice, friendly, efficient and competent . Selecting frames is always fun thanks to the experienced staff who really know what suits each face.
— Elizabeth C.

Always a good experience. Very efficient office. I was in-out in 1 hour, this included ordering glasses.I have recommended friends.
— Joan W.

I was blind as a bat. After surgery I am able to truly enjoy the entire world around me- without the hassle of contacts or glasses. I am FREE!
— Helen O.

I have been a patient for more then 25 years! My experience has always been totally positive! Everyone there is professional yet personal.
— Amelia W.

I’ve worn glasses since I was in the third grade. After high school I used contacts for a while. But I’m an outdoors person and contacts don’t work real well swimming and camping. My husband used to tease me in the mornings; I would never turn on the lights—because I couldn’t see anything until I put my contacts or glasses on. It is pretty amazing to now wake up and actually see what time it is. I’m very happy with my results!
— Carmen A.

The procedure was quick, painless and the results were obvious from the first day. Recovery was much faster than I anticipated….. My vision is as I had hoped it could be and better–but now it’s without glasses or contacts! I’m overjoyed!
— Erik H.

Only three days into my new life and I had to send you guys a big Thank You. I woke up Saturday morning and the first thing that came into view was my digital clock. Up until now I thought that the clock always read ‘8888’!

I just wanted to tell all of your clients who are considering LASIK, to GO FOR IT! It was the best, most sound investment I have ever made; A MIRACLE!!!!
— Frank H.

The staff and doctors at Spectrum Eye were friendly and knowledgeable.
— Christina Y.

I’ve worn glasses since I was in the first grade, and now, 33 years later, I no longer have to rely upon my contacts or glasses to see. I’m not too sure there are words to describe the sincere happiness that I feel. Dr. Fishman and his staff took the time to show me that they really do care. Life isn’t about money, work, fame status or careers…it’s about taking the time to let others know that you care, and at Dr. Fishman’s office everyone I met cared about…me! Before the surgery Dr. Fishman and others took the time to describe to me thoroughly what to expect and answered all questions that I had. Susan held my hand throughout the whole LASIK procedure and stayed by my side to make sure I was fine. LASIK surgery was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Dr. Fishman has truly devoted himself to giving something he believes in 100% and that gives him purpose and meaning in life – the gift of sight! Thank you, Dr. Fishman and your staff.
— Donna B.

My husband and I both had Laser Eye Surgery performed at Spectrum Laser Center. My husband had worn glasses for over 50 years and myself for 12 years. My husband received distance correction; and me monovision correction for distance and reading– In both cases, we have been extremely pleased with the results– From the start of the evaluation process, through surgery and follow up care, the Spectrum team has been professional, personal and helpful, because of this we were confident at all times in the care we received. We have and will continue to recommend LASIK and Spectrum Eye Physicians to all of our family and friends!
— Diana M.

I have been a patient for almost ten years. The service has always been excellent. But my recent visit was amazing. I did not get to sit down in the waiting room – just was asked to go into an examination room right away. The examinations are always pleasant, and I always get an answer to a question I might have. Here is my question for the day: When my eyes have been dilated for examination, why do I have to ask specifically for drops to bring them down to normal a bit faster? No one ever suggests this last step, and I always have to ask for those drops. They make it so much easier when I drive myself home.
— Gerda K.

The morning after my LASIK surgery I remember driving to my follow-up appointment with Dr. Liu. The world was all sparkly and new. The far off hills and the leaves of the trees were an emotional experience. Sounds a little sappy huh? Well, it is hard to describe going to having to feel around for my glasses to finding joy in looking at the spider web on the ceiling. A day hasn’t gone by when I wasn’t thankful for my new vision. The dents on my nose are long gone but it is still a shock when i go to the movies and the picture is out of focus and I remember what my world used to be like. My LASIK vision is better than my prior corrected vision contacts or glasses. I strongly believe that Dr. Liu’s skills, the staff at Spectrum Eye, and the facility, offers the best chance for the best possible results. When my sister and brother decided to get corrective eye surgery and my mother-in-law needed cataract surgery, I insisted they also go to Dr. Liu. We are all extremely happy with our results.
— Mona L.

After wearing gas permeable contact lenses for thirty-two years and requiring glasses for ten years before that due to severe myopia, I feel like a miracle has been given to me. Upon awakening I can see clearly. It had been so long I’d almost forgotten how vivid colors could be when you can see clearly. I’m so happy I choose to have Laser vision Correction– I highly recommend it to anyone who must rely on glasses or the nuisance and expense of having to deal with contact lenses. GO FOR IT!
— Karen W.

It was unbelievable! Just 10 minutes of surgery for both eyes and I didn’t need my glasses anymore! The next day I was driving my car and I did it without glasses for the first time ever! Thank you Spectrum!
— Tanya C.

As a woman in my mid 40’s I had to use reading glasses while I wore my contacts. When I found out that LASIK could not only correct my far vision, but also enable me to read without glasses I was sold! IT HAS PROVEN TO BE THE MIRACLE I WAS TOLD ABOUT, MY ADVICE IS–DON’T WAIT!!
— Kate F.

I was referred to the Spectrum Eye Laser Center by my mother and younger brother, both lasik patients at the center. After much apprehension over the years, if Dr. Liu could take care of them, I was confident he could take care of my needs as well. It just came to a point where I was tired of dealing with the burden of glasses and contact lens care, I finally made the decision to proceed with eye surgery.

As a father of two, as a triathlete and marathoner, the only thing I regret now is that I did not do it sooner. No longer am I burdened with glasses, contact lenses, solution, cleaner, different sunglasses, eye appointments, insurance and all the other things I have dealt with over the past 20 years. I no longer have to worry about loosing a contact on a run or in the pool or on the bike.

I no longer have more toiletries than my wife when we go on trips! When we go camping, I no longer have to take out my contacts at night with a flashlight. I no longer need contact lens solution at home, in my car, at work. I can wake up in the middle of the night and see the clock and find the bathroom. I can fall asleep on the couch without waking up with dry, scratchy eyes.

Many times a day I am reminded about my surgery and I am thankful I did my procedure through Dr. Liu and the staff at Spectrum Eye Center. Not only are they professional, informative and punctual, they really made the experience a very pleasant one.
— Mike M.

I had worn glasses for 40 years. I feel that this is such a fantastic procedure that glasses are no longer needed for all of the future generations. It is a new dawning in the realm of eye care. I no longer need to worry about clean lenses or hunting for my glasses. The sight I have now is so great; I DON’T NEED GLASSES FOR ANYTHING I DO–DRIVING, WRITING OR WATCHING TV. Another big plus was the recovery time–only one night of sleep!!!
— Deanne A.

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