Eyelid lesion treatment

Eyelid Lesion Treatment From Our Ophthalmologists

When an eye exam reveals the presence of a lesion in the tissue of your eyelids, you need expert care and possible medical intervention, from cryotherapy to reconstructive surgery. This is when eye doctors refer their patients to ophthalmologists for advanced care. But you don’t have to gather referrals from eye doctors – because you can refer yourself directly to us here at Spectrum Eye Physicians. We have the skills, expertise, and caring manner to overcome your eyelid lesion.

The Many Types of Eyelid Lesions

A skin lesion typically takes the form of a lump, bump, or discolored patch. Some cases of reddened eyelids may be attributable to a chronic inflammatory condition called blepharitis. Small bumps called chalazion, which often occurs alongside blepharitis, are caused by blocked eyelid glands. A glandular infection can also turn into a larger lump on the eyelid rim known as a stye.

Tumors can also occur on the eyelids. Most of these lesions are benign in nature, but they still need to be checked, if only to differentiate them from malignancies. Examples include seborrheic or actinic keratosis, nevi, yellowish lesions called xanthelasma, nodules called molluscum contagiosum, and cysts afflicting the sweat glands. Malignant lesions include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The safest strategy for dealing with a suspicious lesion is to come to Spectrum Eye Physicians for an eye exam. Our experienced ophthalmologists can evaluate the appearance of the lesion and take samples for biopsy. Even when a lesion appears totally benign, a biopsy can help remove all doubt or alert us to the need for additional treatment.

Don’t let the fact that you have an eyelid lesion throw you into a panic. Our practitioners at Spectrum Eye Physicians can provide a variety of medical treatment techniques to remove or heal the lesion in question. Treatment for either benign or malignant lesions may include surgery to excise the lesion, followed by oculoplastic surgery to reconstruct the tissue. Inflammatory lesions can be greatly helped by remedies ranging from steroid medications to warm compresses. Even some surgical procedures can be easily performed under local anesthetic. Whatever type of treatment you need, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the very best of care.

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