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Blurry Vision Treatment at Spectrum Eye Physicians

Are you having trouble reading the words on this page? Do distant objects seem to melt into a big blur, or your overall vision has grown fuzzier all of a sudden? Blurry vision can be a side effect of many common eye issues, including some that can seriously threaten your ocular health. Whatever the cause of your blurriness, you can find the answers — and effective treatment — here at Spectrum Eye Physicians, your Bay Area eyesight experts.

Possible Reasons for your Blurred Vision

Vision may blur in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you’re nearsighted, you can see near objects clearly but struggle with distant objects. If you’re farsighted, the reverse is true. Both of these refractive errors are caused by abnormal eyeball shape. Another refractive error, astigmatism, is caused by irregular corneal shape. An age-related stiffness in the lens, known as presbyopia, makes close-up focus more difficult after the age of 40. Other common causes of blurry vision include dry eye syndrome, digital eye strain, foreign matter in the eye, and conjunctivitis. 

Why You Should Take Blurry Vision Seriously

Some causes of blurry vision can signal a serious underlying disease or disorder. For example, cataracts, a leading cause of blindness, may blur vision in their early stages. Other progressive diseases that can cause vision loss include glaucoma and macular degeneration. These diseases need to be treated as early as possible to stop or slow the irreparable damage that might otherwise occur. So when your vision is blurry and you don’t why, it’s time to schedule an immediate appointment at Spectrum Eye Physicians.

Treatment from a Skilled Optometrist or Ophthalmologist at Our Clinic

Whether your blurred vision requires the attention of an eye doctor or advanced treatment from an ophthalmologist, you can get the care you need at any of our Bay area vision centers. Comprehensive eye and vision exams can reveal the cause of your blurriness. You may benefit from corrective lenses or primary eye care remedies from one of our eye doctors. If you have an eye disease that calls for medical treatment, an ophthalmologist on our team can perform treatments such as cataract replacement, surgery to reduce the eye pressure that causes glaucoma, or injections and laser procedures to help manage macular degeneration.

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