ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) technology is a device used during cataract surgery. By using ORA technology, surgeons can take measurements of a patient’s eye while performing cataract surgery

These measurements provide information that helps the surgeon perform the surgery. This is not possible with standard instruments. Before the ORA System, surgeons couldn’t determine a patient’s quality of vision until after cataract surgery. In some cases, this would be several weeks later. 

ORA is one of the biggest developments in cataract care in the last two decades. Because of the ORA System, surgeons can now perform custom refractive cataract surgery on patients.

What Are The Benefits of Using the ORA System?

ORA saves time for patients and surgeons because it provides real-time updates during surgery. This helps the doctor correct the patient’s vision as accurately as possible. 

Surgeons can use ORA to make real-time adjustments during surgery. These are adjustments they won’t have to make later, resulting in fewer post-surgery complications. 

For patients, ORA provides a higher quality of vision because of ORA’s level of precision. ORA technology can do much more than just measure outcomes during cataract surgery! 

It can also aid surgeons in correcting astigmatism and confirming lens implant calculations. The ORA System has benefits that go beyond cataract surgery as well. ORA has been clinically proven to improve results for patients with astigmatism and LASIK. 

How Does The ORA System Work?

During cataract surgery, your doctor replaces your natural lens with an IOL. ORA attaches to the surgical microscope and measures the refractive power of the eye. 

This is all done before the IOL is put in, making fast calculations that help the surgeon place the IOL. The ORA System uses intraoperative wavefront aberrometry to take its measurements. 

Aberrometry measures how a wavefront of light passes through the cornea and lens. These are the light focusing components that make up the eye.  

Besides helping place IOLs, ORA can help with placing Limbal Relaxing Incisions and toric lenses.

Is The ORA System Safe?

Cataract surgery is a very low-risk procedure, and it’s also incredibly common. Cataract surgery using ORA is just as safe as cataract surgery and far more precise. ORA is also non-invasive. Like normal cataract surgery, your eyes are completely numbed using eye drops. The ORA System also never touches your eyes.

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