With the latest medical advancements patients now have the option of choosing bladeless, computer controlled laser cataract surgery. The goal of cataract surgery is to break the cloudy lens into pieces, remove the pieces from the eye, and insert a replacement lens to replace the natural lens. Now many of the steps of cataract surgery that are conventionally performed using handheld instruments can now be completed using the precision of a laser.

Like a fingerprint, every eye has a unique size and shape. Prior to treatment your surgeon carefully measures and maps the eye. The laser system uses this information and integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) to create a perfectly sized, shaped and centered circular opening to access and remove the cataract. This precision incision helps your surgeon place the new artificial lens exactly where intended. The surgeon uses the laser to soften hard cataracts. Softening the lens with laser enables your surgeon to remove the cataract gently and with significantly less energy than used in traditional manual cataract surgery.

If you desire to see well without glasses after surgery, laser assisted cataract surgery could provide you a tailored treatment that could include laser incisions in the cornea to decrease the need for glasses. There are different lens replacement options that are also available to decrease the need for glasses after surgery.

The laser assisted cataract procedure allows for a highly customized, precise, and gentle treatment. In recommending a mode of cataract surgery and a cataract replacement lens, your doctor will take into consideration many aspects of your eye health, general health, and lifestyle preferences.

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