160 Green Valley Road Ste. 202
Freedom, CA 95019

The physicians at our Green Valley Road location are proud to serve the eye care needs of their Watsonville patients. This location is fully equipped with the advanced equipment necessary to provide safe and effective eye surgery and eye exams. We offer the comprehensive eye care services that you have come to expect from Spectrum Eye Physicians. If you are in need of an eye exam or other vision care, the compassionate and professional staff at our Green Valley Road office is here for you!

Eye Care Services Provided at our Green Valley Road Location

Conditions We Treat:

* blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids)
* cataracts
* complications with contact lens wear
* corneal disease
* diabetic exams
* pink eye (infectious conjunctivitis)
* macular degeneration
* glaucoma
* flashes & floaters
* eyelid cancers
* dry eyes
* tearing (epiphora)
* retinal tear
* retinal detachment (evaluation)
* watery, itchy eyes (allergic conjunctivitis)
* retinopathy

In addition to treating the conditions listed above, our physicians also provide:

* Annual eye exams
* Emergency eye exams
* Dilated eye exams

* Refraction
Surgical Treatment Including:

* Cataract surgery (including laser-assisted with the LenSx femotsecond laser) with the full spectrum of lens implants (e.g. monofocal, toric, ReSTOR(r) / Technis(r) multifocal)
* Ocular surface surgeries (e.g. pterygium, conjunctival tumors)
* Glaucoma treatment with medical and laser eye surgery (e.g. laser trabeculoplasty, iridotomy, iridoplasty)
* Anterior chamber reconstruction, and IOL repositioning (e.g. iris-fixated and scleral-fixated IOL’s)

Eye Care for the Entire Family

While many eye conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma, develop in older patients, the team at Spectrum Eye Physicians believes that it is important to start regular eye exams at an early age. We offer comprehensive services to all members of your family including full child vision care services. When children receive regular and routine eye care, beginning at a young age, they are more likely to continue healthy eye care habits throughout their lives. Vision issues can also be a factor in how your child performs at school, with poor eyesight causing many academic problems when left untreated.

It is also important for adults to receive regular eye care especially as they near middle age and their retirement years. Conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts can be asymptomatic during their early stages. Regular vision care can detect these conditions when they start thus increasing the patient’s chances of protecting their vision.

Schedule an Appointment with Spectrum Eye Physicians in Freedom

If you are in need of comprehensive eye care in the Santa Cruz or Watsonville area, please give our Green Valley Road office a call today at (831) 728-2020. We are conveniently located at 160 Green Valley Road, Ste. 202, Freedom, CA 95019. We look forward to serving the eye care needs of your entire family very soon!