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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Spectrum doctors use a wide variety of tests and procedures to examine your eyes. These tests range from simple ones, like having you read an eye chart, to complex tests using the latest equipment and technology.

A comprehensive eye exam can take 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the number and complexity of tests required to fully evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes. We do our best to stay on time, but emergencies and unexpected needs of other patients may put us behind schedule. We will do our best to keep you informed, and to make your visit as quick and efficient as possible. However, please plan an appropriate amount of time for your visit so that we can do a thorough exam and address your questions and concerns.

Here are the eye and vision tests that you are likely to encounter during a routine comprehensive eye exam:

  • Visual Acuity Tests
  • Color Blindness Tests
  • Cover Test
  • Retinoscopy
  • Auto Refraction
  • Manual Refraction
  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Slit Lamp Exam
  • Pressure Test
  • Dilation
  • Visual Field Test
  • OCT
  • Retinal Photo

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