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Spectrum Eye Physicians is your Cupertino, San Jose, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz eye doctor. We're here to provide quality, dependable, professional vision and eye care to the entire Bay Area. If it's been awhile since you had an eye exam, or you have an acute vision need, schedule an appointment to visit Spectrum Eye Physicians today.

When it comes to choosing an eye care practice, it’s about more than what you see. It is about the compassion they bring to work every day, the surgical excellence they have prepared for and the experience of many successful procedures. At Spectrum Eye Physicians, you will get compassion and competent care. This is our brand promise.

We recognize that no two patients are the same, and it's important to us to treat every patient as an individual.

We believe in preventative care, and we strive to detect eye problems as soon as possible. Many eye problems become worse over time. Early diagnosis and treatment helps us to ensure that your vision stays intact for as long as possible.
Eye Exams - It's important to have a vision checkup annually, even if you don't wear glasses or contacts. At your annual eye appointment, we'll screen you for degenerative conditions, do a visual acuity test, and talk with you about any eye problems that you may have. Many eye conditions are detectable by an eye doctor long before symptoms occur, so it's important that you see our optometrist regularly, even if you are not having vision issues.
Visual Acuity Tests - Do you wear glasses or contacts? If so, it's important to have your vision tested at least annually. This allows your eye doctor to see if your prescription has changed. Wearing the wrong prescription can result in headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. While we recommend getting a visual acuity test annually, don't hesitate to call us if you believe your prescription may need an update.
Cataract Surgery - For most people, cataracts are an inevitable part of life. We treat them as much as we can, we even have the ability to remove cataracts with a simple surgical procedure, helping to restore your clear vision.
Glaucoma Treatment - Glaucoma can be painful, and can eventually cause loss of vision. Our eye doctor is able to treat glaucoma with medications and/or surgery to help you keep your vision for as long as possible.
Ocuplastics - This facial surgery reconstructs the skin and tissue surrounding the eyes, restoring function and fixing aesthetic issues. We offer a number of different ocuplastic procedures.

About Our Eye Doctors in the Bay Area

At our five Bay Area eye care clinics, we have both medical eye doctors and doctors of optometry. Our medical eye doctors treat diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, perform cosmetic eye surgery and corrective vision surgery, and provide advanced medical care for eye and vision health. We have six medical doctors on staff: Dr. Martin L. Fishman, Dr. Robert S. Mastman, Dr. James C. Liu, Dr. Christopher J. Engelman, Dr. Tarek El-Sawy, and Dr. Yohko Murakami.

All of the medical doctors of Spectrum Eye provide general ophthalmology services using the latest equipment and techniques. Additionally, Dr. Fishman offers cataract surgery and LASIK surgery in our Los Gatos office. Dr. Mastman performs LASIK surgery and cataract surgery in our Cupertino and Good Samaritan offices. Dr. Engelman performs glaucoma and cataract surgery in Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Dr. Liu, who works in our Cupertino and Good Samaritan offices, performs LASIK surgery, cataract surgery and is a corneal specialist. Dr. El-Sawy provides oculoplastics, or plastic surgery for the eyes, in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and Cupertino. Dr. Murakami, who works in our offices in our Santa Cruz, Cupertino, Blossom Hill and Good Samaritan offices, performs glaucoma and cataract surgery.

Our doctors of optometry handle all your everyday vision needs, from getting fit for contact lenses or new glasses to treating minor eye irritations like dry eye or conjunctivitis. Presently, we have three doctors of optometry on staff: Dr. Leeanna Nguyen, Dr. Sonya Park, and Dr. Sharon Lee.

Dr. Lee has extensive training in hard to fit contact lenses and works in our Los Gatos office. Dr. Park works at the Blossom Hill and Cupertino locations, and enjoys treating eye diseases and providing family optometry services. Dr. Nguyen works in our Cupertino and Good Samaritan offices and enjoys fitting patients for contact lenses. She has extensive knowledge of contact lens fitting methods and techniques for a variety of uses and needs.

To best serve our Bay Area clients, our eye care team speaks English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and Japanese.

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No matter which of our five ophthalmology locations you visit, you will receive the latest in eye care technology from friendly eye doctors and staff committed to serving you. Rely on us for services including:

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  • Cataract Treatment
  • Glaucoma Treatment
  • LASIK Surgery
  • Oculoplastic Treatments
  • Contact Lenses and Glasses

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