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Contact Lenses in the Bay Area

While traditional eyeglasses come in fun styles and fashionable colors, contact lenses provide a handy alternative for those who need corrective lenses, but do not like wearing frames due to an active lifestyle, their work environment, their appearance, or simply due to comfort or personal preference. Although contact lenses might not be right for everyone's eyes, at Spectrum Eye Physicians, we strive to satisfy and provide our patients with a full menu of contact lenses and contact lens services including lens evaluations, fittings, disposable lenses, and hard to fit contacts. An eye doctor in the bay area can help you determine whether you are a candidate for contact lenses in the Bay Area. 

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What to Expect During Your Contact Lens Evaluation

A contact lens evaluation normally takes place along with your regular annual eye exam, but our office is staffed and equipped to accommodate separate contact lens evaluations, if it works better for our patient's schedule. During an evaluation, one of our eye doctors will evaluate the health and structures of your eyes to first determine if there are any conditions present, such as dry eyes or astigmatism, which might affect the patient's use of contacts. Our eye doctor will then measure the curvature of the patient's eyes as well as the diameter of the irises and pupils to determine a proper contact lens fit. 

Types of Contact Lenses and How to Know Which Are Right For You

Depending on the shape of your eyes, your vision correction needs, and any personal preference you might have (cosmetic or disposable), our eye doctor will determine what type of contact lenses will be the best option for you. We offer patients who require bifocals two options: bifocal or monovision lenses. Patients with astigmatism require a special type of lens, as well, called toric lenses. Toric contact lenses are shaped like small footballs in order to comfortably fit an irregular corneal curvature. Contact lenses are also available in daily or weekly disposable options, as well as extended wear lenses which can be left in overnight. 

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with a Bay Area Eye Doctor

At Spectrum Eye Physicians, our Bay Area eye doctors fit patients for contact lenses from all over the bay area with convenient locations in Cupertino, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos. Our experienced team of eye and health care professionals can determine if you are a candidate for contact lenses. If you are interested in trading your eyeglasses for contact lenses, be sure to tell our representative on the phone when you make an appointment for your regular eye exam, as we will schedule you for the additional time needed for a contact lens evaluation and measurement with a bay area eye doctor. Once your contacts arrive, we will schedule you for a fitting during which we will show you how to put in, remove, and care for your contact lenses. Get out from behind those frames and call our office at (408) 884-2215. 

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