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Healthy eyes and good vision are essential for child development. Though children may develop visual challenges or be born with them, they can be treated with early diagnosis and intervention. Medicine and technology have made it possible to detect most eye and vision problems early. In the first years of life, infants and small children may not be able to express themselves if they struggle with their eyesight. This is why pediatric optometry services are vital for children.

At Spectrum Eye Physicians, serving Cupertino, San Jose, and Los Gatos, CA, we can make sure your child’s eyes are healthy. We will diagnose and treat any vision problems your child has.


How Can Eye Care Help Children?

Many people will often think child eye care isn’t necessary. However, when our optometrists evaluate your child’s eyes using the right equipment, they can catch any problems before they develop and cause severe vision challenges. Children should get an early vision assessment at six months old, and later at ages 3 and 5.


Our optometrist will examine your child and check whether they have any issues with their eyesight. An assessment looks into the child’s eye health, eye functioning, and visual acuity. We can determine if your child’s eyes are developing correctly and if they have a vision problem.


While not all children have eyesight issues, vision therapy is beneficial for children who do. Our services include eye exercises to enhance eyesight. Therapy is vital for children with issues like a lazy eye. Our professionals offer eye tests and exercises, like cards and games, to improve vision.


We understand that eye problems need early intervention to prevent severe health problems. We have a dedicated team that delivers the best eye care services.

We offer a broad range of eye treatment services, like annual eye checkups, visual acuity tests, and follow ups on any vision changes after your child’s last exam. We can treat eye health issues and work on visual processing disorders. If your child needs corrective eyewear, we can determine their prescription. Our eye doctors will determine if your child needs glasses or contacts. We also offer vision therapy to help with special vision conditions. It is important to diagnose refractive errors early so they do not worsen.

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Children should get eye exams as early as six months old. Our team of experts can evaluate your child’s vision and eye health and diagnose any problems. With early intervention and treatment methods, we can ensure that your child’s eyes develop correctly.

At Spectrum Eye Physicians, serving Cupertino, San Jose, and Los Gatos, CA, we can help your child feel more comfortable during an eye exam. Visiting our eye doctor does not have to be scary. We want to make sure your child lives a happy, healthy life. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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