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Generally, patients under the age of 40 still read well without the use of glasses, patients over the age of 40 may need reading glasses for small print. Presbyopia is a term that refers to the natural weakening of the muscles that occurs in our early to mid 40s, causing us to need reading glasses. The LASIK procedure does not correct or prevent presbyopia. Should you fall into this age category, mono vision may be an option that may help to eliminate the need for reading glasses after the LASIK procedure.

Normally, both of our eyes work together when looking at an object to produce “binocular vision.” With mono vision, one eye is corrected for distance vision while the other eye is corrected for near vision. Most individuals have a dominate eye that our brain favors for sighting (typically right handed people are right eye dominate). In Mono vision LASIK our surgeons purposely leave the non-dominate eye slightly nearsighted (defective vision of distant objects) so that you can have the ability to see close up without glasses. Monovision LASIK is not for every LASIK patient over the age of 45, so discuss these options with your surgeon.

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