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We are pleased to announce that we are the first in Northern California to now have the Epi-K™ , allowing our surgeons to perform a new refractive procedure known as Epi-LASIK.

LASIK may not be an ideal procedure for everyone, if a patient’s corneas are too thin, if they have itchy and dry eyes, or if they’re simply uncomfortable with the thought of having a corneal flap cut, they would be better candidates for surface treatment.

A surgeon performing Epi-LASIK uses a precise instrument called an epikeratome to gently separate the epithelium, the very thin outer layer of the cornea, and to leave a very smooth surface for laser treatment. The cornea is then reshaped with an Excimer laser. During the healing process, the epithelium is replaced by the regeneration of epithelial cells over the treated area.

Benefits of Epi-LASIK

Preserves the structural integrity of the Cornea 

In an Epi-LASIK procedure, the laser correction is performed on the surface of the cornea. Since there is no cutting of a LASIK flap, Epi-LASIK is generally considered an even safer procedure.

Especially suitable for Patients with Active Lifestyles or occupations 

Epi-LASIK is the procedure of choice for patients who have a more active lifestyle. Because there is no creation of a LASIK flap, there is no possibility of dislodging in the years to come. Epi-LASIK is preferred by patients with occupations where eye trauma is a real possibility, such as law enforcement fire fighting, and military services.

Better for Patients with Thin Corneas

Working on the surface of the cornea allows treatment of patients whose corneas are too thing for standard cutting of both a LASIK flap and removal of the proper amount of tissue by the laser.

Less likely to induce or worsen Dry Eye

Epi-LASIK is gentler on the corneal nerves and thus diminishes the possibility of inducing or worsening dry eye syndrome.

The next step is to schedule an appointment to have an assessment of the health, characteristics of your eyes, and lifestyle needs to determine if Epi-LASIK would be the right procedure for you.

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