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Low Vision FAQ

Low vision is a problem that affects many people today. Not everyone, however, understands what low vision is or how to manage their symptoms. The following FAQs from Spectrum Eye Physicians in San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz explain more about the causes and effects of low vision and what you can do to improve your situation.    

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision refers to visual impairments that cannot be corrected through medications, surgery, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. People with low vision often suffer from blurred vision, tunnel vision, or blind spots, making it impossible for them to see clearly. Although anyone can suffer from this condition, low vision mostly impacts seniors.  

What Causes Low Vision?

Low vision can be caused by any number of eye diseases, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.  It can also be the result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other medical condition.

What Effect Can Low Vision Have on a Person’s Life?

People with low vision cannot see clearly, either up close or at a distance. This can have a dramatic effect on your lifestyle, making it difficult to perform daily tasks or enjoy normal activities. Depending on the extent of your condition, low vision can lower your quality of life.

How Is Low Vision Diagnosed?

Low vision can be diagnosed during an eye exam. Your optometry specialist will review your eye health and medical history and conduct vision tests to determine the cause and extent of your condition. Once we confirm you have low vision, we’ll develop a low vision care program to maximize whatever sight you have.

What Is Low Vision Care?

Low vision care refers to services provided by your optometry specialist to help you manage your low vision condition. These services may include eye exercises, vision rehab training, and the use of low vision aids such as high-powered lenses, patches, or prisms to improve your remaining sight.  

There are also visual and audio aids as well as computer assisted programs you can take advantage of to offset your visual impairment and give you greater independence in your daily life.

What’s the Goal of Low Vision Care?

The goal of low vision care is to help improve your quality of life, despite your visual impairment. Through low vision care, you’ll learn how to use visual aids and receive visual rehab training to maximize your remaining sight so you can take part in activities you enjoy and live a more normal, independent lifestyle.

See Your Optometry Specialist for Low Vision Care

To be tested for low vision or to learn more about low vision care, contact Spectrum Eye Physicians serving San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz at 408-884-2215 today.  

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