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At Spectrum Eye Physicians, our Bay area ophthalmologist team is fully committed to providing excellence in advanced medical eye care services for the people of San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, Cupertino and other areas. 

Conditions Treated & Services Provided


This is a common condition that causes inflammation, redness, itchiness, and crustiness on the eyelids and is often associated with other skin conditions, allergies, or bacterial infections.

Blepharoplasty (Upper and Lower Lids)

This eye surgery can reverse severe eyelid drooping (known as ptosis) and improve the appearance and shape of upper or lower eyelids by removing excess tissue, including fat and skin.


Reclaim youthful-looking eyes and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet with Botox injections, a type of neuromodulator that can increase tone and suppleness of your skin. 


Cataracts occur when the normally clear lens in your eye becomes cloudy and opaque, causing blurry vision. Our doctors offer a variety of conservative and surgical treatment options, including:

  • Standard Cataract Surgery
  • LASER Assisted Cataract Surgery
  • Lens Implant Choices
    • Multifocal Lens Options, which includes AcrySof IQ ReSTOR and Tecnis 1-Piece Multifocal IOL; for more detailed information about these options please refer to Multifocal Lens FAQs
    • Toric Lens Options, including AcrySof Toric and Technis Toric

Contact Lenses

Many people prefer contact lenses as a subtle and convenient option for vision correction; our Bay area eye doctors can fit you with the best type of contact lens to fit your needs, including hard, soft, bifocal, and Monovision lenses. Our selection of optical wear choices also includes eyeglasses, available in a range of style, material, and budget.

Diabetic Retinopathy

This is a diabetes-related complication that leads to damage to the blood vessels which normally supply your light-sensitive retinal tissue at the back of your eye; it's both a leading and preventable cause of vision loss and blindness.

Dry Eye

Tears are necessary to create a protective and moist film on the outside of your eyes; when tear production is disrupted, this can lead to chronic dry eye symptoms including dryness, redness, light sensitivity, the feeling of grittiness in the eye, and clear watery discharge. Treatment may include medications and eye surgery, including tearing and lacrimal surgery. 

Eyelid Lesions

Often, though not always, benign, eyelid lesions can be thoroughly evaluated, biopsied, and removed if necessary by our Bay area ophthalmologist team.

Flashes and Floaters

If you notice small lines, circles, dots, or specks in your field of vision, you probably have small clumps of cellular fluid or gel floating in your eye. Conversely, seeing flashing lights, "stars," or lightning-like streaks (known as flashes) occur when the fluid in your eye rubs against your retina.  

Forehead/Brow lift

It's normal for the skin and muscles around your eyes and face to sag as you age; our surgical team can help you discreetly reclaim that gorgeous, youthful look with a forehead or brow lift. 

General Ophthalmology

Everyone should see an eye doctor at least once a year to ensure their eye health is in optimal condition; in addition to advanced eye care services we also provide routine eye exams for the whole family. 


Glaucoma refers to a group of diseases that leads to vision loss; increased inner eye pressure is a common risk factor. Our advanced eye care team offers a range of services to help manage the disease including prescription medicated eye drops, such as Latisse (which can also be used to stimulate eyelash growth), and surgery.


Tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses all the time? We can surgically correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism with laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK), which reshapes your cornea and improves the way light enters your eye. Specific techniques include:

  • Epi-LASIK
  • VISX Star S4 IR Laser
  • Wavefront Custom Vue

Macular Degeneration

This age-related disorder involves gradual breakdown of a spot on the center of your retina called the macula, which is important for seeing fine details; symptoms include central vision loss, and treatment may include surgery, medications, and corrective eyewear.


In rare cases, the best option may be to surgically remove part or all of diseased eye (such as the case with cancer or severe trauma); our eye doctor team offers both expertise and compassion to help you or a loved one through this challenging experience.

Eye Socket Reconstruction

If you've been injured in an accident that has resulted in orbital trauma (fractures), or if your eye socket has been affected by an orbital tumor, our highly skilled eye surgeons can help your eyes look good again, while also making sure they see well, too. We also provide a variety of other oculoplastic surgery, including  eyelid reconstruction, and facial nerve weakness surgical correction, as well.

Eyelid Malposition (entropion and ectropion)

If your eyelid is not aligned correctly, this can increase your risk of eye discomfort, vision problems, or even infections in the eye and eyelid. Our team can surgically correct eyelid enteropion (turning in) or ectropion (turning out) to help resolve your symptoms.

Thyroid Eye Disease

This condition causes the eyes to take on a bulging or staring appearance, as the eyes themselves become pushed forward by inflammation and swelling of muscles and fatty tissues behind the eyes.

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

This highly contagious and super uncomfortable condition is hallmarked by infection and inflammation of one or both eyes. 


Also known as "surfer's eye" (since excessive UV light exposure is believe to be a factor), pterygium is caused by the proliferation of pink fleshy tissue over the clear tissue lining your eyelids and covering your eyeball. Our team can help you decide the best course of treatment, including medication vs. surgery.

Retinal Detachment and Tear

This condition is considered a medical emergency and occurs when the light-sensitive retinal tissue at the back of your eye pulls away from the blood vessels that supply necessary nourishment. A person may experience a sudden onset of flashers, floaters, and may have eye pain.

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